Garden Gate Preschool in Columbia Missouri is a Waldorf inspired early child development education full of joy and light


Our influences: Rudolf Steiner, Vivian Paley, Helle Heckmann, John Dewey, Jean Piaget, William James, Alison Gopnik, Richard Louv, David Sobel, Karen Le Billon, Christopher Lasch.

By working with the child as a whole: hands, heart and head – we draw on the ideas of many.  Our “child-centered” approach to education, allows us to pay close attention to each child within a rhythmic structure of the days, weeks, and seasons.                                                                                                                           preschool, Columbia, MO       Teachers create predictable activities in the day; lots of playtime outdoors, focused circle-times with seasonal poetry, music and movement, repetitive story-telling, and the constant presence of adults engaged in meaningful work. This play-oriented curriculum allows our children to come to the “headwork” of school when they are ready and eager for it.

A new elementary school for Columbia: City Garden School

Garden Gate School has seeded and is supporting the efforts of City Garden School in order to provide families with more holistic and reflective education. Visit their website at:

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  • April 22, 2016 – Spring Fundraiser
    TBD, General
  • April 24, 2016 – Earth Day Festival
    TBD, General
  • May 1, 2016 – May Pole Festival
    TBD, General
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